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Calgary Family Clinic


Chiropractic at Calgary Family Clinic is focus on eliminating the root cause rather than alleviating musculoskeletal and nervous system symptoms.


Physiotherapy at Calgary Family Clinic focuses on our clients underlying condition; our licensed practitioners set reasonable treatment targets following review of the severity of our client’s complaint and identified co-morbidity.

Massage Therapy

Massage at Calgary Family Clinic helps you eradicate the unpleasant symptoms of pain and discomfort.

Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic at Calgary Family Clinic focuses on attending to our clients in a manner that meets their specific needs

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Calgary Family Clinic

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Calgary Family Clinic offers care to people suffering from chronic and acute pain, sports related injuries, work place injuries, soft-tissue injuries, discomfort, Motor Vehicle Accidents, while supporting others seeking health and wellness maintenance. Offering Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture, Psychology, Walk-in and Medical Clinic services, clients are nurtured to maintain their health and wellness through a plethora of care.

Physiotherapy 100%
Chiropractic 100%
Massage Therapy 100%
Medical Clinic 100%
Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) 100%