Healing effect of massage

Healing effect of massage

Healers who treated people in the Ancient East believed that diseases come and go through the skin. Massage was used since antiquity to cure many diseases. Avicenna proved that massaging helps remove harmful substances produced in the tissues of our system.
Depending on the goals pursued, massage can have both arousing, and calming effect. It has a complex and prolonged influence on the human organism.

Positive Effect

Massage effects the functioning of all organs and systems, drains harmful substances. It can successfully be used in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases, it calms and alleviates stress, being a precious means of keeping oneself toned up.
Massage can treat fatigue, it peps your immune protection, raises the tone of the skin and muscles, stimulates the secretory function of perspiratory glands, it is beneficial for the circulation of lymph. During massage, the skin is cleaned from keratinized cells, blood flows faster.
Massaging restores muscular performance after physical loads, enhances vascular supply in the joints, removes swelling, helps drop weight, promoting the “burning” of fat and decreasing fat layers.
The effect of massage can hardly be underestimated both for the people engaged in physical labor, and on those who suffer from regular nervous stress. It helps people cure traumas, stimulating reflexes and mitigating pain, increasing the blood flow to the organ affected, quickening the regeneration process, and it is a wonderful prophylactic measure against many diseases.

Types of Massage

Massage can be aimed specifically to cure the parts of your body that need treatment, or to serve a certain purpose. It can be sports, cure, cosmetics or hygiene-oriented. If you suffer from pain or exhaustion in a certain part of your body (after loads, trauma or due to blood circulation disorders), massaging may treat separately the face, the back, the feet or the head, for instance.
Select the type of massage which is adapted to your needs.

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