Services of family doctor in Walk-in Clinic Calgary

Services of family doctor in Walk-in Clinic Calgary

Services of family doctor in Walk-in Clinic Calgary

Many patients use the services of a family doctor in our clinic. The family doctor is a concept that is very familiar. This is a therapist and a pediatrician, who has received special training and have a higher skill level. Family doctors are everywhere: in Germany they are called home doctors, in the UK – general practitioners, in Canada or USA – family physicians.

Family doctor duties

In the competence of general physicians many different aspects are included:

  • skin and hair problems;
  • visual acuity;
  • flat feet;
  • preventive examination of breasts;
  • hidden depression;
  • frequent colds;
  • state of the veins of the legs;
  • overweight;
  • increased blood pressure and other common issues.

In addition, the family doctor knows the fundamental capabilities of modern medical science in all areas. A doctor (not the patient) organize the necessary consultations with particular specialists, if additional research is needed. When it’s necessary, family doctor is also in charge of hospitalization and medical support. In other words: a professional adapts his patient to the medical services, optimize diagnostic and therapeutic activity

Peculiarities of family doctors

A family doctor constantly faces challenges of medical and social character, because he requires knowledge in medicine and psychology, sociology, social hygiene, epidemiology and more. Of course, family doctors cannot replace the professionals of narrow specialties – they provide only primary care and diagnostics. Family doctor are called to gather all existing pathology, assess its relevance, provide existing risk factors and develop an individual treatment tactics and behavior strategy.

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