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Therapy Services

The family doctor is a specialist with deep scientific knowledge and practical skills in different medical fields. A person in this possition is an internist, a gastroenterologist,a surgeon, orthopedist, an ENT specialist, and even a pediatrician and a gynecologist rolled into one. The area of work for family physician activity is not only the health of the patient but the health of all the family members.

Family Doctor

Not sure what kind of doctor to see? Visit your family doctor!

Family Doctor CalgaryImportant to know! According to statistics, 65-68% of primary patient visits to a doctor of some subspecialty,who was chosen by the patient personally, are erroneous.
General practicioners in Calgary Family Clinic can consult you on the most of the issues related to health. You need to consult a family doctor, if there are signs of malaise. If you notice any alarm symptom, you should immediately set up an appointment with the family doctor, because it may be an indication of a serious illness.

What services are offered by a Calgary Family Clinic family physician?

An appointment with a family doctor in most cases helps to avoid the need to visit a specific-area specialist, because the professional qualifications  allows then to diagnose a case correctly and properly treat a wide range of diseases and pathological conditions. Only facing a complex or a disputable case, a family physician involves specialist of a specific area for consultation and joint development of a treatment plan. But, at the same time, the family doctor still continues to control the entire therapeutic process and is solely responsible for the patient.

  • The scope of the family doctor services includes:
  • diagnostics and treatment of various diseases;
  • Vaccinations and preventive examinations;
  • Identification of risk factors for chronic diseases;
  • The Development of recommendations for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle;
  • Registration of all necessary medical documentation.

Family Doctors at Calgary Family Clinic strictly follow all international standards concerning the diagnosis and treatment of disease they never prescribe unnecessary or ineffective treatment and diagnostic procedures. When choosing our clinic, rest assure that you will get high-quality, professional services of a family doctor, who will take into account all the individual characteristics of your body and the nature of a disease.

What is an appointment with a family doctor like?

The family doctor consultation begins with taking medical history . The specialist asks you about the physical complaints, finds out the reasons for previous medical experiences and studies the medical history. After that the doctor conducts an examinating using objective methods of examination – percussion, auscultation and palpation. Then the determination of necessary laboratory and instrumental methods of diagnosis on the basis of the obtained data, a family physician prescribes an effective treatment or, if necessary, refers you to the consultation with a specialist.
It is important that your answers to the questions asked by a specialist are as detailed as possible. That provides a more complete vision of the disease. Also, do not forget to mention what medicines you are already taking, or have taken, and whether you are allergic to any medicines. A family doctor will answer your questions concerning the characteristics of the disease and its treatment in details, they will give all the necessary instructions on dosage and regimen of medicines, medical procedures and manipulations.

What treatments are used?

The undoubted advantage of treatment in Calgary Family Clinic is not only a powerful medical-diagnostic base and excellent professional training, but also a wide range of the treatment methods  in use. When appointing drug therapy, our family physicians use effective up to date medicines, which are selected on the basis of the nature of the disease and and such factors as  patient’s age, comorbidity, etc.

Various complementary methods of treatment, alternative therapy, physical therapy, sparing low-trauma  surgical methods within ambulatory surgery field are also widely used. Depending on the nature and stage of the disease, the doctor selects an individual treatment regimen that includes a wide range of conservative and surgical techniques, in case of the necessity. An integrated approach to diagnostics and treatment can help to receive a beneficial effects even when dealing with complex medical problems and to provide a  patient speedy recovery.

Setting up an appointment with a family doctor

To set an appointment with a  family doctor, you need to call to Calgary Family Clinic. Our administrators will coordinate a convenient time of the appointment. We provide medical services 6 days a week and never refuse to help patients, even if the appointment cannot be set. We will work with your schedule to provide you the first available appointment.

Dr. Eugene Plotnyk

I have completed Canadian residency training in Alberta. I am a fully licensed specialist in Family Medicine with the Canadian College of Family Physicians. I have been working in Alberta since 2011