9 Jogging Tips | Comical Running Stories to Learn From

9 Jogging Tips | Comical Running Stories to Learn From

We hear friends running stories of hitting the wall, massive blisters, lost toenails and ohhh the chafing, but something deep inside tells us “that won’t happen to me”. Let’s say these jogging tips will help you avoid some big issues with a side of laughter.

Because as many long time runners can tell you…

In retrospect many of our blunders are highly comical and a great tool for helping others to avoid pain, injury and embarrassment.

Beyond the 6 biggest race day mistakes the list of lessons to learn is never ending, it’s part of what keeps us coming back week after week.

Jogging Tips and Funny Running Stories

As I always say, running doesn’t have to be so serious.

And while I do encourage you to embrace the title of runner, I understand that calling it jogging often feels less intimidating and these stories will add to that! You’ll see that no matter your level, we all have made some serious mistakes.

Which is why when we do things like trip over a speed bump, we have to see some SERIOUS humor in it!jogging tips

1. No shoes on long runs

Lora of Crazy Running Girl
When I was training for a marathon a few years ago, I decided to buy shoes and break them in with a 17 mile run. About halfway into the run, I started to realize that it was probably not the smartest idea in the world. But I kept running. And since I was training, I ran for a week or two after that… figuring that I could run through the pain.

By time I finally listened to my husband (who is a physical therapist) and stopped running, my shin pain was so bad that it throbbed even when I wasn’t on my feet. I ended up having to drop the marathon and took 2+ months off from running!

2. Don’t text and run

Ashley Byron of Running Bun
Baltimore Half Marathon 2011–> I was ahead of my younger sister and miserable on the hills. I took my phone out of my pocket to text her to let her know the hills only got worse. I looked up mid-text and saw a GIANT cone which I proceeded to try and hurdle. It whacked me directly in the crotch and I fell.

3. When in doubt wear the headlamp

Dani Holmes of Weight Off My Shoulders
I set out determined to keep my running streak going though it was getting dark. I was running sans head lamp. But I’ve been running this path for years, I knew where all the bumps were….well one bump in the path must’ve moved because as I puttered along BAM!

I was on the ground quickly trying to pause my Garmin as blood gushed from my knees and hands. {Don’t worry I was able to pause my Garmin in enough time.}

4. What’s running down your leg?? Test all gear

Marica K of Marcias Healthy Slice
For my first marathon (Chicago, 2007) I was unsure of how many gels to bring. Instead, I bought a flask that hung upside down in my fuel belt. After taking some gel around mile 5 I felt the tongue of my shoe pulling on the top on my foot.

I looked down to see gel (brown of course) had leaked out of the bottle, run down my leg, onto my sock and pooled inside the top of my shoe. I don’t have to tell you what that looked like.
running in a suitFound on ebaumsworld.

5. Don’t Upchuck your Water

Abby of BackatSquareZero
I ran to a restaurant to meet a friend for lunch thinking I didn’t need to carry water, even though it was a hot day. When I got to lunch I was so thirsty that I CHUGGED a few glasses of water. My body couldn’t handle taking that much at once and it instantly made me sick. I couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time so I got ill in my cup right at the table. Lesson learned stay hydrated and don’t overdo it post run.

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6. Chafing Happens EVERYWHERE

Rebecca of Mediocre Athlete
I’ve gotten chafing everywhere. And by “everywhere,” I mean everywhere. My ankles, my armpits, my sternum, the small of my back, my inner thighs, my ribcage, the back of my neck, and yes, the demoralizing “are you freakin’ kidding me” spot known as the asscrack.

This diagram fully illustrates which parts of my body have been rubbed raw from friction, clothing, or some other random bullshit while training or racing. Lesson learned use body glide from head to toe.

Chafing Diagram - Running humor7. Study the Course Map

Amanda Hsiung of Eat Hard Work Hard
I got lost in the woods during my second 5K ever. There were signs and volunteers on most of the trail turns, but there wasn’t anyone on my side of the trail where I made my disastrous wrong turn. 3.1 miles passed with no one around and I began to get worried that I was seriously lost in the woods. I started to walk, then miraculously I could see racers nearby on the correct path. I felt super sketchy and frustrated re-joining the race, but went ahead and ran through the finish line to get my chip time.

8. Have a Post Race meet up Plan

Beth of Shut UP and Run
If you tell your family you will just “see them at the finish line” of a race that has more than five people in it, you will not find them for 29 hours. I crossed the finish line of my first marathon (Rock and Roll Phoenix) ready to fall into the arms of my adoring family while I cried tears of joy. Instead I spent the next hour trying to find them. By then all I wanted was a stretcher and a beer.

9. Sports Bras are not storage spaces

Many many women
You may not feel like wearing a fuel belt or something with pockets, but beware of storing things in your sports bra. You’d be surprised how quickly a gel can become a deadly weapon cutting you up and of course there are the race photos where you look like you are smuggling a small dog. Lesson learned: keep testing till you find a better option (I finally fell in love with the Flip Belt). {photo from YoMammaRuns.Com}

jogger tips

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