Acupuncture! – A story about a drug-free way to ease pain.

Acupuncture! – A story about a drug-free way to ease pain.

Today, lets tell a story about a drug-free way to ease pain. Acupuncture! An age-old healing practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Thin needles are placed at specific points in the body.

This helps to treat pains and other conditions, it is used by over 3 million Americans while in France 1 in 5 have tried it.

It aims to allow the natural flow of body vital energy or “CHI” via stimulating points along the energy pathways. It is said to cause the body to release endorphins (natural painkillers) and may enhance blood flow and change brain activity.

Areas Acupuncture has proven to have benefit include the following:

  1. Low-Back Pain
  2. Headaches
  3. Fibromyalgia
  4. Arthritis Pain
  5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

To mention a few for more information on acupuncture and its benefits go through the slideshow at our source @

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We welcome you to come try Acupuncture at Calgary Family Clinic and send your pain packing.

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