Alleviating Pain resulting from Scoliosis with Massage Therapy.

Alleviating Pain resulting from Scoliosis with Massage Therapy.

Scoliosis simply means a curved spine or in other words “curvature of the spine.” What you generally notice about someone with scoliosis is the way they stand. They may lean a little or have shoulders or hips that look uneven. To alleviate the pain resulting from scoliosis with massage therapy you will need a physiotherapist, Mostly Doctors can pinpoint the reason for the curved spine (“idiopathic.”), and those that have identified causes are in 2 major groups listed below:

Identified Causes of Scoliosis:

  1. Structural – irreversible rigid spine (e.g. for cause: Genetic, Muscular problems, birth defects, infection to mention a few)
  2. Non-structural – Normal spine but curved (e.g. for cause: one leg’s being longer than the other, muscle spasms, and inflammations like appendicitis). When treated scoliosis goes away.

From years ago bracing and spinal fusion has been the main treatment option. With advances in research, alternative treatment is now growing as an alternative.

Massage, in particular, has gained attention for its ability to reduce the chronic back pain that’s sometimes associated with scoliosis. A skilled massage therapist “can use a combination of massage strokes, sustained pressure, positioning and stretches to help balance the muscles of the back and body” and temporarily alleviate scoliosis symptoms, says massage therapist Jeanne Troncao.

While it can’t fix the underlying cause of scoliosis, medical research has found that massage therapy can provide temporary relief from scoliosis pain and other symptoms. There are two primary types of massage that can help: cranial-sacral therapy and deep tissue massage.

“Although not one of the treatment options for correcting this condition, massage therapy can help relieve some of the resulting back pain, shallow breathing, sciatica, headaches and insomnia brought on by this aberrant spinal structure.”

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Benefits of Massage for Scoliosis Patients

For scoliosis patients, massage offers a host of other beneficial effects that can help improve their daily lives besides pain relieve. For example, it can promote:

  • Heightened body awareness
  • Better sleep
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Enriched mental health
  • Increased circulation

The Role of Massage in the treament of Scoliosis:

While no single treatment can cure scoliosis, massage plays a significant role in alleviating pain, improving functionality and enhancing the effectiveness of other therapies. With the right combination of treatments, patients can achieve significant long-term results.

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Source: Treating Scoliosis


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