Chiropractic — the art of treating hands

Chiropractic — the art of treating hands

Chiropractic — one of the oldest methods of treatment of various diseases through the manual therapy, involves working with the spine, joints and internal organs.
Chiropractic treats the human body as the unity of the muscular-skeletal, nervous and mental systems. Any breach in the skeletal system leads to dysfunction of nerves and muscles throughout the body, causing various diseases. Injuries, stress and many other factors lead to displacement of the movable parts of the body (spine, pelvis, adjacent organs and tissues) and as a result a pinched nerve fibers.
Chiropractors goal is to identify the pathology, diagnosis, adjustment (correction) of the vertebra and joints using special manual techniques (pressing, shearing, kneading). Using these techniques, the specialist returns the offset of the body optimally in their correct location, the result of compressed nerves are freed, relax tense muscles, improves circulation and mobility, and pain in a natural way decrease and disappear.
Call us, and we will save you from pain in the limbs, neck and lower back, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, rheumatism, joint stiffness, migraines, chronic headaches, nervousness!

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Calgary Family Clinic offers care to people suffering from chronic and acute pain, sports related injuries, work place injuries, soft-tissue injuries, discomfort, Motor Vehicle Accidents, while supporting others seeking health and wellness maintenance.

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Our practitioners are always happy and willing to walk with you through your health journey.

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We have modified the way we practice in many ways to ensure the safety of our clients:  

  1. Mandatory Masks that cover mouth and nose for all clients and practitioners indoors from entry to exit of the facility 
  2. Clients are encouraged to wait in their cars until the practitioner is ready for their appointment and called upon
  3. Temperature of all clients is measured and those not within range will be turned away and asked to come back another time
  4. COVID form completion required by all clients
  5. Virtual Services are offered when possible (e.g. psychological, and physicians)