Chiropractic Therapy in Pain Management

Chiropractic Therapy in Pain Management

Chiropractic Therapy in Pain Management is going mainstream and the services can now be made available to almost anyone. Chiropractors define subluxation as an alteration of the biomechanical and physiological dynamics of adjoining structures which can cause neural disturbances.”It is seen as a process, not a static condition by which the tissues suffer constant changes which usually includes:

  1. Hyperemia – an excess of blood in a particular area of the body.
  2. Congestion – toxins accumulate in areas aggravating the nerve endings in the muscle producing pain.
  3. Edema – excessive fluid leaking into tissues, resulting in swelling.
  4. Tiny hemorrhages – a small amount of bleeding or unusual flow of blood.
  5. Fibrosis – replacement of normal tissue with scar tissue.
  6. Local ischemia – lack of blood flow in muscle, leaving the muscle very painful to touch.
  7. Atrophy – partial or complete wasting of muscle.
  8. Tissue rigidity – stiffness and adhesions in joint capsules, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Categorizes of Spinal Subluxation

Static Intersegmental Subluxation

  • Flexion malposition
  • Extension malposition
  • Lateral flexion malposition
  • Rotation malposition
  • Anterolesthesis
  • Retrolesthesis
  • Altered Interosseous Spacing (increased or decreased)
  • Osseous Foraminal encroachment

Kinetic Intersegmental Subluxation

  • Hypomobility (fixation subluxation)
  • Hypermobility (unstable subluxation)
  • Aberrant motion (paradoxical motion)

Sectional Subluxation

  • Scoliosis and/or alteration of curves secondary to muscle imbalance
  • Scoliosis and/or alteration of curves secondary to structural asymmetries
  • Decompensation of adaptational curves
  • Abnormalities of motion

Paravertebral Subluxation

  • Costovertebral or costotransverse dis-relationships
  • Sacroiliac subluxation


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