Remedy for injuries and pain — masking tape

Remedy for injuries and pain — masking tape

The kinesiotaping is a new method of treatment and rehabilitation, which came in the medicine of sports. The clans – these are the colored ribbons, which were covered by almost all athletes at the last Olympics.
As the kinesiotaping method is used in the treatment of injuries and rehabilitation:
Kinesio taping method, developed in 1973 in Japan by Dr. Kenso Kase. The term “taping” occurred from the English word tape, which translates as “adhesive tape”. “Kinesio” means “movement”.
Initially this method was used for the treatment of athletes — they could not take the pain medications was equivalent to doping, and with the help of kinesio taping relieves pain, swelling, bruising, provided the safety of the joints and increased muscle strength… in short, in sports medicine it has proven to be reliable for a long time and, only after that it began to be used in therapy and rehabilitation in the fields of medicine as traumatology and orthopedics, neurology, Pediatrics, lymphology, gynecology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation treatment.

How to live with kinesio tape

The kinesio tape is an elastic tape made of 100% cotton c adhesive backing activated when heated to body temperature. It is in its properties similar to the skin – the same supple and elastic but can be stretched, increasing by 30-40% of its original length. The kinesiology tape glued to the problem area for a maximum of 5 days, and the person lives a normal life. The only limitation is that it is necessary to postpone a visit to the bath or sauna, otherwise the adhesive will stick heavily to the skin. There are no other restrictions – neither swimming nor bathing nor for high-intensity, accompanied by sweating.

What and how treats kinesiotaping

The ultimate aim of kinesitherapy is to provide a physiological movement of joints and muscles. The kinesiotaping helps to restore physical activity through physical and reflex load on the muscles and joints, disconnected from movements in the period of the disease.
The basis of the mechanism of action of kinesio taping – restoration of normal microcirculation in the connective tissue, skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue. Due to reflex effects through the skin is reduction of edema, reduction of pain, restoration of functional activity of the muscles, restoring mobility of the joints. For example, during exacerbation of osteochondrosis in the lumbar region with pain pasted the clans work, as find a massager, relieve swelling, and with it the pain. But many doctors compare the kinesiology tape with the hands of a chiropractor which are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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