Massage after surgery

Massage after surgery

Massage after surgery plays a large role in a speedy recovery. Surgery is a huge stress to the body. During surgery, the injured to various tissues: skin, muscles, bones etc. the patient often disrupts the function of the parts of the body on which the operation is carried out, there is swelling and the patient experiences severe pain.

Massage strengthens the immune system

With these consequences of surgical intervention with great success massage cope! Massage contributes to the overall strengthening of the immune system, and it directly allows a person to recover faster after surgery. Also strengthens the immunity helps to avoid many complications in the postoperative period.

Massage relieves emotional tension

Time before surgery and the operation itself creates a greater emotional tension. Depression is the nervous system. All of this can affect the health and recovery time after surgery. Massage has beneficial effects on the nervous system and calms the mind, making it easier to adapt to physical changes.

Massage relieves pain

The pain disturbs most people. The pain may have different origins.
During the operation of the various injured tissue, including nerve endings. After surgery there is swelling that may further irritate the nerve endings. Usually severe swelling persists for weeks after the surgery. And shoot it quite difficult. This happens due to the increase in vascular permeability and the violation of the lymph outflow. In order to get rid of excess lymph, it is necessary to stimulate its outflow from adjacent to the damaged capillaries. This can perfectly cope lymphatic drainage massage. During the course of the lymphatic drainage, accelerates the healing of surgical scars, prevents the development of dense edema and the formation of seals in the tissues.
Injured and tense muscles exacerbate the whole situation. Massage removes pain, relaxes tense muscles. It stimulates the blood flow to the affected muscle fibers. The increased blood flow is of great physiological significance. After a massage due to the expansion of blood vessels improves microcirculation, increases blood flow and, consequently, the transport of oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues and body parts.

Technique postoperative massage

Massage immediately after surgery should be performed only by professional masseuses. Massage techniques after surgery differs from classical techniques. All the movements of the therapist should be performed very carefully so as not to cause a person additional unpleasant sensations. In the early days of the massage is limited to stroking the surface. In a week it is possible to apply more intensive techniques are: rubbing, kneading, etc., which are held at a distance from the postoperative area.
We employ qualified specialists with medical education and great work experience.


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