If you happen to be a fan of racing games then you’re no stranger to the thrill that driving at 150mph could give you. However, we don’t exactly have the liberty to be that carefree in reality. At least not without dire consequences and life threatening risks. Sadly there’s no reset button in real life so we have to consciously exercise more caution while we’re on the road.

Recent motor accident statistics are very much alarming and we have to do everything to bring those figures down drastically.

At Calgary Family Clinic, we help rehabilitate those who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Let’s look at a couple of tips that could help you stay safe on the road and make sure you don’t lose your license—or your life:

Keep Your Cell Phone Away

Smartphones are great, however they are also massive distractions on the road. We understand that they could be very addictive, however smartphones are a leading cause in motor vehicle accidents. It’s better to be safe than sorry which is why we suggest keeping it in your pocket while driving or in the back seat where it cannot be reached. Even going through texts during a red light is distracting and it’s important to keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Wear Your Seat Belt

Researchers estimate that over 50% of fatalities were a result of people not wearing their seat belts. The bottom line is that the seat belt was designed to save lives which is why you should always wear your seat belt. It’s also important to remind passengers of the dangers of not buckling up.

Avoid Alcohol

According to experts, even with low blood alcohol levels, your reaction time is dramatically reduced, inhibition is lowered and coordination is disoriented. You may feel as though there is no harm in having one drink and driving, but despite the low blood alcohol level, you will not be as alert as someone with a BAC of 0.0000. To be on the safe side, avoid drinking any alcohol if you know you will be behind the wheel.

Be Aware of Fatigue

If you are on any sort of medication that may make you drowsy or sleepy then it’s best to avoid getting behind the wheel. Fatigue is often a cause in car accidents and you should be aware of your fatigue levels before entering the vehicle. If you are not getting enough sleep, then your driving skills will decrease; increasing the chances of a motor vehicle accident.

Get as much supervised practice driving as possible

If you’re a teen driver, your parents should take an active role in your practice driving. Make a firm schedule with them and stick to it. And keep it up until you take your test to get a license. Many states now have graduated licensing laws and you should make it a duty to learn about them.

Slow Down

We can’t possibly stress this enough but we’re going to try anyway. According to various studies, speed is a factor in approximately 30% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents. Speed increases the likelihood of an accident which is why it’s best to slow down at all times. Driving 10km over the speed limit is only going to save you a few minutes on a typical drive, but it will dramatically increase your chances of getting in an accident.

When you are travelling at speed it is harder to stop, more difficult to maneuver your vehicle and if you do collide with something, it will be with much more force. You also have less time to respond to unexpected conditions.

Adjust to the Road Conditions

The Canadian weather could get unpredictable at times as we are known to experience hail, rain, blizzards, and tornados all in the calendar year. Adjusting to the conditions of the road will decrease your chances of getting in a motor vehicle accident. Remember to always keep extra windscreen washer fluid in the trunk for emergencies and slow down when visibility decreases.

Ensure you maintain your vehicle

Having your car regularly serviced ensures it is in good mechanical order. Any major faults will be detected before they cause problems and you will be alerted to worn tires and brakes. Remember the small things like to pressure your tires regularly and to get your vehicle inspected if you notice any changes when applying the brakes.

Develop the right attitude about driving

Many auto accidents involve teens and are a result of attitude and maturity, not skills or knowledge. Make a commitment to yourself to practice a responsible attitude about driving. You’re controlling over 3,000 pounds of fast-moving metal, and you owe it to yourself, your passengers and other drivers to drive responsibly.

If you have suffered whiplash, pain, or any other injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident, please pay us a visit at Calgary Family Clinic. Our experienced healthcare staff will help restore function with a tailored treatment plan designed to rehabilitate any injury. Stay safe and remember, hands on the wheel at all times!

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