about-calgary-family-clinicChiropractic at Calgary Family Clinic is focus on eliminating the root cause rather than alleviating musculoskeletal and nervous system symptoms.

Our licensed practitioners offer 3 level of care through hands-on manual adjustment:

  • Initial Intensive Care: This involves frequent treatment in order to achieve a rapid response. This level of care provides relief in most people in just a few visits.
  • Reconstructive Care: This phase focuses on the chronicity of the existing condition and hence the length of treatment is targeted to address this.
  • Lifestyle/Wellness: We develop a maintenance approach following full correction of the underlying condition to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Our Chiropractors apply precise pressure into joints that are restricted due to injury. This manipulation helps restore mobility and alleviates muscle tightness and pain. This specialized approach also maximizes health improvements and maintains an optimal outcome for the long term.

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