What is manual therapy?

What is manual therapy?

According to statistics, about 85% of people suffer from spine diseases. Chiropractic helps to overcome back pain. Which translated from Latin means “treatment by hand”. A set of treatment techniques aimed at restoring mobility in the spine and joints, correction of disorders of the muscular system, restoring the function of internal organs in case of violation of their work. The main indications for manual therapy are pain syndromes, osteoporosis, arthritis, intervertebral hernia, lumbago, headaches, sciatica, curvature of the spine, intercostals neuralgia and other diseases. The doctors of chiropractic at our clinic will help you to forget about pain in the limbs, neck and lower back, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, rheumatism, joint stiffness, migraines, chronic headaches, nervousness, will bring you health and beauty!

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Calgary Family Clinic offers care to people suffering from chronic and acute pain, sports related injuries, work place injuries, soft-tissue injuries, discomfort, Motor Vehicle Accidents, while supporting others seeking health and wellness maintenance.

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Our practitioners are always happy and willing to walk with you through your health journey.

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