Why you need physiotherapy

Why you need physiotherapy

Physiotherapy investigates the positive human body reactions on physical disturbances. It develops methods for their usage for preventive and therapeutic purposes. It’s also connected with a range of therapeutic procedures through physical factors. These factors can be both naturally occurring or man-made.

Types of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a separate section of balneology. Methods of physical therapy are very diverse. Among them, the most common are electrotherapy, phototherapy, hydrotherapy, thermal treatment, treatment using mechanical stress. Electrotherapy (a method of treatment using an electric field, DC, AC, continuous and intermittent electric current , alternating magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields) combines the largest number of techniques:

  • amplipulse;
  • diadynamics;
  • galvanization;
  • medicinal electrophoresis.

Advantages of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy improves peripheral and central blood circulation, have a soothing effect, improves trophic tissues functioning, normalize neurohumoral regulation and affects various processes within immune system. Physical therapy has a lot of indications for use and the lack of adverse and negative effects of its applying. It has already taken a worthy place in medical treatment of the spine and joints rehabilitation. Therapeutic and prophylactic use of physical factors can be applied within physical therapy offices and departments of hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions, and if necessary in the hospital wards or at home.

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Calgary Family Clinic offers care to people suffering from chronic and acute pain, sports related injuries, work place injuries, soft-tissue injuries, discomfort, Motor Vehicle Accidents, while supporting others seeking health and wellness maintenance.

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We have modified the way we practice in many ways to ensure the safety of our clients:  

  1. Mandatory Masks that cover mouth and nose for all clients and practitioners indoors from entry to exit of the facility 
  2. Clients are encouraged to wait in their cars until the practitioner is ready for their appointment and called upon
  3. Temperature of all clients is measured and those not within range will be turned away and asked to come back another time
  4. COVID form completion required by all clients
  5. Virtual Services are offered when possible (e.g. psychological, and physicians)